DUALZ Survey: ALMA Catalogs and Maps in Abell 2744

Sep. 14, 2023

The initial data release (v1.0) for the Deep UNCOVER-ALMA Legacy High-Z (DUALZ) Survey is now available!

This includes wide ALMA 1.2mm maps across the full UNCOVER NIRCam primary footprint, a deep map over the primary Abell 2744 cluster core, and ALMA-detected source catalog (including crossmatching to JWST-detected sources).

See the Data Release 2 page as well as the DUALZ paper (Fujimoto et al. 2023)!

UNCOVER at MIT First Light

Jun. 26, 2023

Credit: Louis from TikTok

The UNCOVER team made a strong presence at the MIT First Light Conference, showcasing their research through dedicated talks and poster presentations.

UNCOVER PI Ivo Labbé delivered a compelling talk, discussing his recent paper on red active galactic nuclei discovered in the UNCOVER field. Likewise, Kate Whitaker engaged the community by presenting a poster that featured the UNCOVER field, encouraging attendees to identify intriguing objects within it.

The conference also provided an opportunity for early career researchers within the UNCOVER team to showcase their work. John Weaver presented a poster on our catalog creation, Gourav Khullar shared his findings on the search for quiescent galaxies in the field, Sam Cutler focused on UNCOVER point spread functions, and Richard Pan presented his research on quiescent galaxy stellar mass functions. These contributions reflected their dedicated involvement with UNCOVER.

Additionally, various other UNCOVER members presented their research findings and projects from other collaborations in dedicated talks. Notable mentions include Dan Coe, Seiji Fujimoto, Karl Glazebrook, Anna de Graaff, Michael Maseda, Pascal Oesch, and Christina Williams.

UNCOVER Spectroscopy Community Input Wanted!

May. 1, 2023

The UNCOVER survey is putting out a public call for potentially interesting objects to observe for our ultradeep (2.7 - 19 hours) spectroscopic follow-up with the NIRSpec/PRISM (in late July 2023, targets finalized in June 2023).

Although we cannot guarantee that any target will be observed, we would like to provide the community with an opportunity to suggest exciting targets! Please feel free to fill out this google form with as much information as possible and we’ll reach out.

Initial photometric catalog release

Jan. 9, 2023

The initial DR1 photometric catalogs from the UNCOVER Abell 2744 NIRCam primary observations are now available!

See the Data Release 1 page.

UNCOVER Abell 2744 lens model release

Dec. 14, 2022

The UNCOVER strong lensing (SL) model constructed with the UNCOVER JWST data is now available!

See the Data Release 1 page.

NIRCam primary / NIRISS parallel mosaic release

Dec. 7, 2022

The reduced images from the UNCOVER pre-imaging observations (Nov 2,4,7, & 15, 2022) are now available!

See the Data Release 1 page.